KiNiNso Koncepts 2023 – UK


KIFT takes place November 7-12 in Lagos Nigeria.
Boost Producties is invited to perform #Inflatables in new creation with dancer Chima Obasi



#Inflatables is a duet between dance and circus. A new beginning, a well where curiosity arises. Two huge inflatable objects represent the source from where the artists emerge.

When they appear, they come together to play and care for each other; they fight, they forgive and they move on, mirroring one another to understand themselves better.


Contemporary circus company Boost Producties

Boost Producties, 2015 Amsterdam Netherlands, is an interdisciplinary company and operates at the intersection of circus, dance, physical theatre and visual arts. Lennie Visser, founder and artistic director of the company graduated modern dance and developed in her work a cross-over between dance and contemporary circus. With Boost she researches social topics and translates them into a performance. Her way to innovate is to reflect, to experiment and to exchange with every participating person. By seeking new collaborators, Lennie surprises and finds new inspiration to continue innovation in circus arts.


Lennie: "My interest lies in beauty, love and connection within diversity. Circus is my passion, and the physical dynamic between people and objects is the language I work in. I love the playful acrobatics and the physical risks taken by circus artists. It allows me to fantasize about a world without gravity and about the challenges we find in life.

With circus as a tool, I explore the attraction and resistance between performers as well as performers and moving objects. I'm always searching for connections where the objects are our playgrounds to discover each other. These interactions are a metaphor for our daily life in which we struggle to find our way in a constantly changing environment."


Dance artist Chima Obasi Emmanuel aka Bornblac_monster

Chima, from Imo State and based in Lagos, is a graduated student of the Society for The Performing Art in Nigeria (SAPN). Through dance Chima, 25 years old and from the community Oworonshoki Lagos Nigeria where things are hard and tough, speaks to power, emotion, and love. A dancer who loves to share his ideas with people and is always ready to receive from others!

Chima: “I am a struggling dancer who believes in his craft and wants to use dance to change my community's narrative. And I’m always ready to give and receive from other creative people in the sense of art.”


Circus artist Belle Hannah Kok

Belle graduated from the bachelor program at Circus and Performance Art in the Netherlands in 2019. Her circus skills are Aerial Hoop and Contortion. Besides performing with her circus act in diverse venues, she is also a circus trainer in Rotterdam, her hometown, where she was born in 1995. Belle became part of the Boost community in 2021, joining Walking on Circus in Amsterdam. She continued to perform with Boost in Webbing Dress for children and is currently also involved in the performance OPEN, created and produced by Boost Producties.